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Here we will add YOUR comments, so if you would like to comment on our products, please email your comments to and we will add any here that we feel will benefit other customers. We will not include any identifying details with your comments (first name only).

Comment by Lynne

Hi Janis,
I bought a sample pot of healing balm for my daughter to use on her baby sons face.  He was scratching at his excema so much, she actually thought he had ripped half his face off.
After using the healing balm, you would never know he had it so bad.  Your cream has been a god send!
I have included a couple of before and after pics for you.  Feel free to post them on your website if you like to show how wonderful this cream is  :o)


Comment by Catherine

Hello Janis,
I have just sent through an order for more healing balm.  I thought you might like a bit of feedback.  Not only did your healing balm kill off a wart (within a few days) that had been burned five times without success, I have discovered that it is also amazing for chicken pox - no crusting, very little itch, and no scarring.  I LOVE this stuff!
Have a very merry Christmas,

Comment by Tess

Hi Janis,

I really want to email to let you know that I used your Mineral Veil over the weekend and I was absolutely amazed of the the result!!! I applied it over the Mineral Foundation I bought from you and the result was amazing!!! My face looked like PORCELAIN!!! I cannot get over of how my face was looking, I have to look in the mirror over and over again. With the ordinary powder, my face always looked caky but with the Mineral Veil, it was so natural but it looked fabulous!!! Why didn't I buy this product before!!! I am so happy that I will never go back to using pressed powder anymore. Oh, and also, there is no artificial fragrance as well and that is what I like. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. You can put my comment in your website if you like!!! I am so happy!!!

Comment by bronnyone (fsd member)

Recieved my last order a while ago now & have to say I just love my new Kabuki Brush Case; it fits my baby Kabuki brush, foundation & mineral veil pots in it with room to spare!

Your hair care (value pack) products have brought my dull & frizzy hair back to life again (smells beautiful too) and highly recommend them to everyone! The Peppermint foot cream is so soothing I use it every night!

Thanks also also for the "Tracey" coloured mineral shade you had on offer, it matches my "Trio of Pinks" perfectly!

Oh, and another use for your Healing balm, we use it on our dog for his skin problems too  lol, and it works!

Cheers, Bronny

Comment by Lizzid (FSD Member)

Hi Janis I just had to let you know of another spectacularly miraculous use for your healing balm.  My daughter has had a wart beside one of her fingernails for ages.  She has undergone several visits to the quack to have it frozen to no avail.  It stayed there and even grew after freezing.  Well after 6 attempts at freezing it and then waiting another 6 months because she refused to go through another painful freezing, I got the sample pot of healing balm.  Unbeknown to me she has been using it on her wart.  Well after 5 applications the wart has disappeared and there is no scarring or anything.  Absolutely amazing and a hell of a lot cheaper than 55 dollars a visit to see the quack.

Comment by "Michelle"

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product. Your goat's milk & oatmeal soap is second to none. I have sensitive skin and combined with medical issues, my skin has dried out over time. Not only does it feel great but I feel the difference already. No wonder why I made two orders within a weeks period! I will certainly be back and recommending your products to others. Thanks so much for the unexpected free samples. I look forward to trying them out and I will let you know how I go.
Kind regards,
                       Michelle G

Comment by "Justin"

"thanks janis for the extra you put in my last package it is very sparkly! i feel i dont have enough colour in my face so iv decided to try the bronzer & why not a brush 2! since using your powder i've been told by 2 different people that i was 'glowing' how about that! thanks for your lovely product i'm trying to talk a few friends in2 trying it! buy for now, cheers justin"

Comment by "Erika"

Hi Janis,
That is wonderful, for he first time in my 40 years I am actually wearing
more make-up than mascara and eyeliner because I can tolerate it on my skin!
And I DEF look the better for it!!! Late onset acne and all!
Kind regards,
Comment by "Margie"
Just wanted to say a big thank you to your prompt delivery of my order! You are right about the Ultimate Kabuki is simply stunning to use (I'll never use another type!!). I am traveling to Italy in November so I will be placing another order (various products) before I go so, including another ultimate brush so if you could let me know if the stock is running low on the brushes that would be great and I'll place my order accordingly.
Comment By "Karen"
Hi Janis, I have just tried this product and I have to say I was quite surprised at how great it looked on my skin. I have used many foundations on my skin. Creams, lotions, sticks, powdery etc. and all top name brands (chanel, shiseido, dior, lancome, revlon,) and some cheaper ones as well. I have seen the teleshopping ads for the mineral foudation with Guthy Renker and always thought that one day I would give it a try, but was reluctant because of them sending you product" every 3 months for the low price of 39.95 per month" ($120.00) Total ripoff. I did a search for mineral foundation to see if anyone was selling the Guthy Renker one on ebay and I came across your site. Considering I only have an ordinary powder brush and have never used a product like this before, I was absolutely totally amazed at the flawless finish it gave my skin and the coverage. I just love it and will be purchasing more from you, including a brush. I figure if it looks this good with my brush, then it will look 100% better with yours. Will be in touch to order. Thankyou for this totally amazing product. Karen.
Comment by "Linda"
WOW- What a fantastic bunch of products, that actually deliver!! It really makes my skin look radiant (something that I have never been able to say!!) Like it has been given a major buff and polish!! Thanks heaps Janis.. and also thanks for the extra little gift!! I will def. be recommending these little beauties!!!
Comment By "Jodie"

Hi Janis,

Just letting you know my foundation order arrived today, thank you so much for the samples and gifts. I really love your products and you were right about the makeup, I have definitely been converted to jr minerals!!!!!

I wanted you to know, that after I placed my initial order of samples to test out your products, I discovered a local beauty therapist who sells i.d. mineral makeup. I thought I would have a makeover to see what it would be like. I was not that impressed with it as it was quite shiny and did not look natural. I assumed yours would be similar, how wrong was I!!! I think your makeup is sooooo much better (as are the prices). You really have a product to be proud of.  I am really looking forward to adding to my minerals collection. Thanks again Janis for everything. : )

Kind regards Jodie

Comment By "Kirsty"

Hi Janis,

Just letting you know I have received the products I ordered. I absolutely love it & I am sure my friend whom I also ordered for will as well. Will definitely be ordering more products from you  & will be telling  all my friends as well.
I had ordered a mineral foundation previously through a different supplier but found it too expensive to keep ordering. I find that your product is just as good but is well less than half the price!
Thanks for creating a fantastic product at a very reasonable price!

Thanks again

kind regards

Comment By "Michelle"

Hi Janis,

I thought I would let you know that I have been using the Oily Skin Treatment for a few weeks now, and it is AMAZING!!!! I suffer from an oily t-zone and the minerals have improved this 100%.  By the end of the day my skin still has a matte appearance and does not feel greasy at all!  My teenage son suffers with acne and he has been using this treatment at night, and there is a huge improvement in his skin as well!

Thanks for this excellent product!!!









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