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Rewards Program
JR Minerals Rewards Program is open to ALL our online customers!!
The program works as follows:
Any new customers that you refer to our website that place an order, you will receive a credit of 10% of their first order total. The exception to this is if your referred customer only orders samples on their first order, then we will give you the 10% on their 2nd order instead of the 1st order to ensure you get a "fair" credit. Please note that you need to have registered your email or created a user name and password, within our online shop to qualify for this program.
The way this will be tracked is as follows:
You need to email us at when you refer a new customer. Your email will need to include the following information:
1. Your Full Name
2. The Full Name of the person you have referred - we don't need address or contact details, just the full name that the person will be registering under so we know they are YOUR referral.
This is all you need to do. Once/If your referred customer places and pays for their first order, you will be credited with 10% of the product order value. We will email you with an update of the amount you have in credit anytime one of your referred customers places a first order.
The purpose of this program is to get people to know about JR Minerals cosmetics and to thank you as our customers for helping us to do this.
Any credits earned may be used toward any of our online products with no exceptions.
Any new customers you refer will be sent a rewards program email after their first order so they can then join in on this rewards program if they wish.
Please note that if you do not email us with details of people you refer, you will NOT be credited with the 10% of their first order.
This is a FABULOUS way for you to build up your personal mineral makeup collection!
Now for the terms of this offer - please ensure you read these carefully so there is no misunderstandings.
Any credits you earn with this program will keep adding up until you spend them (no expiry date).
Credits are NOT redeemable for cash or in any other way other than off your own personal orders. They are NOT transferable.
You will only receive credits on each of your referred customers FIRST orders. It is NOT ongoing.
However, if your referred customer orders samples only for their first order, you will get the credit on their 2nd order. This is so you get a fair credit.
You may refer as many people as you like - there are no limits.
Only one account per address will be allowed and only one account per person.
This program may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of JR Minerals (any credits earned will remain valid until spent).
Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions and of course to send us updates of the names of any people you have referred!!
***FSD Members please note: You will not be given referral credits on anybody you refer who is already a FSD/Freegle member. This is because we advertise on FSD and members there are aware of our website already.

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