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If you have any questions, please use the "contact us" link available at the bottom of every page on our website or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Any questions that are frequent or we feel would benefit others will be added into this page.

I have sensitive skin - can I wear mineral makeup?

Yes! If you have sensitive skin, and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then JR Minerals makeup is for you. While no cosmetics carry a guarantee that you wont react to it, the likelihood of a reaction to our products is very low. The most irritating ingredients in cosmetics are talc, dye, and perfume. JR Minerals cosmetics are free of all of these ingredients.

Can the mineral blushes be worn as eye-shadows?

Yes!! All our coloured minerals can be worn on eyes, nails, lips, face or anywhere on the body for that matter. The only exception to this are the Blue and Green shades, these are formulated for use in eyes only. When we call a shade a "Blush" this is just a "suggestion" as that particular shade works well as a blush.

Which type of brush is best for applying the mineral foundations/veils?

I can't stress enough just how important a good quality brush is. When it comes to brushes you get what you pay for! We have several good quality brushes available, but you really can't go past the Kabuki brush for mineral foundations and veils (if you want the BEST one the Ultimate Kabuki wins hands down in my opinion). The Ultimate range of brushes are simply the BEST brushes available and are now available in the following styles: Ultmate Kabuki, Ultimate Baby Kabuki, Ultimate Blush Brush, Ultimate Powder Buffer Brush and Ultimate Retractable Lip Brush. The Ultimate Powder Buffer is fantastic for veils and for buffing your foundations and veils in. We are proud to put our name to these two brushes as they are 2nd to none! The Flat top Dome brush is great for bronzers and blushes and also buffing.

The new Brush I am using is moulting, is this normal?

When a brush is new (this goes for all natural hair brushes but especially the Kabuki brushes due to the thickness), it will tend to moult. This is normal and will ease up as you use the brush. The best/quickest way to get through is to tip the brush upside down and shake gently then pull out any loose bristles before using. If you do this each time you use the brush until the moulting has stopped, this will help prevent you getting loose bristles on your face! The only Kabuki brush we have come across so far that doesn't seem to moult when new is the Ultimate Kabuki Brush, so is if you can't cope with the moulting of a new brush we suggest you choose the Ultimate Kabuki. None of the brushes in Ultimate brush range moult. 




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